ADVA Hand Sanitiser Gel 500ml - FREE DELIVERY (box, 20 pcs)


ADVA Hand Sanitiser Gel 500ml - FREE DELIVERY (box, 20 pcs)

£64.00 £63.40 (£3.17 per unit)

ADVA Hand Sanitiser Gel kills 99.99% bacteria, viruses and fungus.

ADVA Hand Sanitiser Gel is a Medical and Surgical Product for instant hand hygiene; its bactericidal action ensures safe disinfection from viruses and bacteria that often can easily be transmitted through contact with people and all types of objects.

This is anti-bacterial and anti-viral product designed for cleaning of hands without water.
Authorization for placing on the market of a biocidal product №0918-1 / 29.03.2010.
Cleanse, hydrate and purify your hands with ADVA Hand Sanitiser Gel.
Dries quickly, leaving your hands feeling refreshed, soft and protected.

How to use:

Apply small amount of Gel onto dry hands and rub the hands together briskly to distribute the product to every part of the hands: palm, back of the hand, between the fingers and nails.
For best results, rub vigorously for at least 30 seconds. If necessary, repeat the operation.

ADVA Gel belongs to:

Group 1 Disinfectants and general biocides; Subgroup 1. Biocides for personal hygiene.

Field of application:

ADVA Max Cleaner Gel efficiency has been confirmed by numerous certifications obtained:
• Bactericidal action EN 13727:2012 + A2:2015 test in suspension 30 sec.
• Fungicidal action EN 13624:2013 test in suspension 60 sec.
• Mycobactericidal EN 14348:2005 test in suspension 30 sec.
• Virucidal EN 14476:2013 + A1:2015 test in suspension 120 sec
• Food and industrial area approval EN 1276:2002 test in suspension 30 sec.
• Hygienic Handwash EN 1499:2013 application of 3ml for 30 sec.
• Hygienic Handrub approval EN 1500:2002 application of 3ml for 30 sec.
• Surgical Hand Disinfection EN 12791:2016 + A1:2017 application of 3ml for 90sec.
The new EN-12791 Surgical Hand Disinfection approval obtained by ADVA Max Cleaner Gel, makes this product suitable for use in the operating room as required by World Health Organization guidelines.


For both private and professional use.

Denatured Alcohol 70%

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