ADVA WATER Limited Edition 1L - FREE DELIVERY (Box 12)

ADVA WATER Limited Edition 1L - FREE DELIVERY (Box 12)



ADVA is living, alkaline, structured water with electrolytes.
ADVA is a structured, biologically active, prophylactic, healing water produce by a patented technology with patent No: 67115 B1.
ADVA water is:
• Soft, pleasant and tasty. Clean of all kinds of chemicals and heavy metals, fluorine, chlorine and microorganisms
• With pH9 at source
• Ionized, rich in electrons with negative electric charge
• With positive memory and high energy charged. Nano filtered. UV sterilized
• Antioxidant (oxidation-reducing). With balanced hydrogen bonds in micro clusters and hydrates many times more than other waters!
• Magnetized.
• Saturated with active hydrogen
ADVA water box of 20 comes in UV protective bottles.
For further benefits and information of ADVA water please refer to Downloads.

ADVA restructured water with pH9 at source.

Contains electrolytes

12 bottles per box

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