Cube S Portable Disinfection Atomizer

Cube S Portable Disinfection Atomizer


CUBE S - portable device that is designed for disinfection of workspaces, household buildings, hospitals, hotel rooms, shops, buses, cars or any other space up to 300 cubic meters.

Designed for healthcare, but practically used everywhere.

The new CUBE S is highly efficient portable atomizer designed to disinfect:

1. Hospital rooms
2. Hospital halls, laboratories, and their adjacent premises up to 300 cubic meters
3. Medical and dental clinics
4. Ambulances
5. Schools and universities
6. Rooms and premises in nurseries
7. Buses in public transport
8. Underground transport
9. Railway
10. Airplanes
11. Offices in public and social institutions
12. Pubs and restaurants
13. Hotel rooms, corridors, and premises
14. Offices and common office areas
15. Shops
16. Houses
17. Beauty and hairdressing salons
18. Laboratories
19. Churches, mosques, temples
20. Production premises
21. Personal and company cars
22. Television and radio studios
23. Pharmacies and drugstores
24. In practice - all rooms up to 300 cubic meters.


1. Easy to operate. No employee with special education is required.
2. Fast action.
3. Lightweight and portable.
4. One device can be used for many rooms in one site.
5. The device works in automatic mode and saves costs of human resources and salary.
6. Excellent combination between maximum efficiency and consumption of consumables - 0.003 l / cubic meter.

How to use it:

1. Place the CUBE S in the centre of the room.
2. Make sure that there are no working appliances with open flames or open heaters in the room.
3. Make sure the container is full of the chosen from you virucide.
4. Plug in the Cube S.

5. Set the timer mode proportional to the cubic meters of the room.
6. Make sure there are no other people or pets in this room.
7. Turn on the start button and leave the room.
8. Lock the room or put a sticker indicating that disinfection is performed.
9. Once the appliance has switched off automatically, the room is ready for use.

Why CUBE S is effective against viruses / working principle /:

1. A powerful fan sucks and processes 100% of the air in the room under pressure, making the air pass through the liquid virocide that is embedded in the container.
2. In practice, the active substance of the virocide is in direct contact with the viruses in the air and neutralizes them.
3. When air passes through the virocide it forms an almost invisible, superfine dry fog.
4. A powerful fan shoots the dry fog into the room, which is in reality nothing more but an atomized virocide pumped in the air.
5. The fine fog is light and spreads throughout the room due to the powerful centrifugal flow of air.
6. The dry fog that is made from the dedicated virocide has a huge surface coverage and covers evenly and smoothly all exposed surfaces, including invisible to the human eye / joints, cracks, damaged surfaces, etc./.
7. The dry fog kills all the viruses present on the surfaces throughout the entire room via the dedicated virocide.

Important: Do not use chlorine-based disinfectant.
Important: The liquid virocide you use with the Cube S must be proven and registered in accordance with EU law.

TT Data:

1. Power: 650 W
2. Fan pressure: 180 mbar
3. Working speed: 17000 rpm
4. Noise level: 105 db
5. Weight: 6.3 kg
6. Dimensions L / W / H: 205/315/252
7. Working container for virocide: 1 litre.

Warranty: 2 years

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