Automated Checkpoint ADVA

Automated Checkpoint ADVA


Purpose: To measure and control the temperature of the persons and complete disinfection of hands, hair, clothes, and shoes.
The ADVA checkpoint provides you with intelligent control over biosecurity, as well as management of the flow of employees, customers or visitors at your site.
Checkpoint ADVA controls the passage through and contactless measures the temperature during entry to site, after which performs subsequently disinfection of hands, hair, clothes and shoes.
Checkpoint ADVA guarantees you no access of visitors with a fever to your site.
Checkpoint ADVA is recommended for integration at the entrances of hospitals, clinics, schools, nurseries, banks, authorities, airports, railway and underground stations, town halls, shopping centres, hypermarkets, large stores, business centres, offices, factories, businesses from all industries, military units and all sites in need of protection from viruses.
Operating conditions: When opening and closing at temperatures from -20 to 50 degrees Celsius.
All models are standard equipped with frames for wheelchair users and mothers with babies and buggies.
20 people per minute.
1,200 people per hour.
Disinfection of hands with one charge: 1 666 times / 3 ml. per visitor.
Disinfection of hair and clothes with one charge: 1 666 times / 3 ml. per visitor.
Disinfection of shoes with one charge: 1 666 times / 3 ml. per visitor.
1. Integration into security software and video surveillance of your sites.
2. Recording biometric data for each visitor and allowing or disallowing access.
3. Audible alarm when a sick visitor is found.
4. Deny access of sick person according to your corporate requirements.
The quality control of each product of ADVA International Ltd is carried out through ISO 9001: 2015 and GMP 22716: 2007.
Checkpoint ADVA Anti Covid-19 is manufactured with high quality materials, controllers and electronics.
We provide warranty and post-warranty service.
We provide a highly effective disinfectant registered with the Ministry of Health and tested at the National Centre for the Sector and Parasitic Activities according to the following standards: EN 12791: 2006; EN 1500: 2002; BDS EN 1276: 2002

Our mission is your biosecurity!

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