ADVA WATER A life changer 6+1

ADVA WATER A life changer 6+1


ADVA International presents the concept ADVA – A life changer:
ADVA is a biologically active structured healing water.
ADVA is alkaline water.
ADVA has a pronounced electrolyte effect.
When ADVA is included in your daily diet your health can significantly improve.

ADVA has the following actions in the body:
- Stimulates the immune system.
- Alkalizes.
- Detoxifies.
- Hydrates.
- Tones, invigorates, gives energy.
- Improves metabolism and metabolism.
- Reduces body weight by following a diet.
- Improves recovery.

ADVA is produced by patented technology with patent No: 67115 B1.

Since 2014 we have been producing ADVA. Our technology is patented. It is entirely our development!
Each box contains six bottles of 1.5 litres plus a gift of a luxury bottle of 0.5 litres.
Our team is focused on improving people's lives and caring for our planet.
For this reason we offer you a weekly package ADVA - A life changer!
Alkalize your body and structure your immunity with ADVA!


6 Bottles of 1.5 litres + Gift ADVA Limited 0.5 - one piece.
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