ADVA Anti viruses system

ADVA Anti viruses system


Model: ADVA Anti viruses system
ADVA smart hand disinfection system provides quick, non-contact and effective hand sanitisation for the hands of your staff and your clients.

The ADVA SPS smart system is designed for fast, safe and effective hand disinfection. The use of a quality disinfectant guarantees the elimination of 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, including the causes of salmonellosis, diphtheria, tuberculosis, dysentery, typhoid fever, hepatitis and other diseases that fall onto our hands in your everyday life.

The ADVA SPS smart system offers the innovative Ultrasonic hand cleaning technology that has been researched and developed by ADVA International Ltd team of scientist and engineers.
The effect of the ultra-sonic technology has achieved the following benefits:

1. The disinfectant is aerosolized to nano molecules.
2. The area of disinfection is increased.
3. Achieved deeper penetration of the disinfectant to the finest pores of the hands.
4. Increased strength and degree of hand disinfection.
5. Reduced duration of the disinfection process.
6. Reduced consumption of disinfectant.

One second is enough to disinfect your hands or the hands of your customers.

The ADVA SPS smart system also offers integrated audio navigation, providing clear instructions to your employees or customers of the importance of hand hygiene and the implementation of hand sanitisation.

The system gives you the following options:
1. To have an audio recorded message that invites your customers and employees to disinfect their hands.
2. In a quiet environment -not to have an audio recorded message.
What do you gain from an audio navigation?
1. You comply with all requirements of the local authorities for providing clear instructions to your employees and customers regarding the necessity of receiving hand disinfection.
2. You save time and personnel to provide clear instructions to each of your customers and employees about the necessity of hand disinfection.
3. You get a proof for the daily monitoring for disinfection on hands in your HACCP, GMP or ISO 9001 systems.

1. The ADVA SPS smart system has a height and dimensions that allow it to be used quickly and easily by children and elderly.
2. The dimensions allow the system to be installed in practically any room.
3. The metal housing and the front panel made of mirror medical steel allow the system to be installed outdoors under shelter.
4. The four wheels at the base of the system allows it to be moved about easily. Each wheel has a locking brake as well.
5. The built-in two handles in the body of the system allow quick and easy transportation of the system through stairs, landings and loading/unloading during transportation.
6. No special skills are required to work with ADVA SPS. The system allows people of any qualifications to work with it. Service is quick and easy.

In public buildings
In office buildings.
In nurseries.
In schools.
In restaurants, cafes, public places to eat.
In hospitals, health centres, clinics and pharmacies.
In malls and shops.
In airports, metro stations, railway stations, ports and bus stations.
In gyms and sports centres.
In parks. It is especially recommended when holding mass events.
In stadiums and gyms. It is especially recommended when holding competitions with a large audience.
In factories and enterprises.
In airplanes, train compartments, buses, ships, public transport.
In courier services and logistics centres.
In your home.
In residential block of flats.
In museums, cinemas, theatres, exhibition halls, cultural centres.
In markets.
Wherever there is a risk of infection with viruses, bacteria, fungi and microorganisms.

To use ADVA SPS Smart System effectively only for hand disinfection you need no more than one square meter.

1. To ensure biosecurity and 99.99% protection from viruses and bacteria for your employees and customers the liquid disinfectant you use must contain at least 70% ethanol. The lower ethanol content makes the disinfectant ineffective. The higher content leads to dry skin.
2. It is important to know that the system works only with liquid disinfectant. Any consistencies other than liquid will clog the pump. Disinfectants that contain a lot of glycerine can damage the ultrasonic nozzle.

1. We recommend you to use a dose of 3 millilitres. If the disinfectant is of a good quality this dose is sufficient.
2. One refill with 5 litres of disinfectant guarantees 1,666 disinfections.
3. With the ADVA SPS system you will reduce over consumption of disinfectant.


1. By using the ADVA SPS system you confirm that you are a socially responsible person. You show that the health of your employees and customers is of a paramount importance to you.
2. ADVA SPS prevents the need to wash your hands. Water is one of the most valuable treasures on the planet. Its protection is everyone's environmental responsibility.
3. ADVA SPS prevents the need of using paper towels the production of which is linked to tree cutting.

1. The full warranty of the system is 2 years.
2. The metal housing and the non-contact medical steel chamber guarantee over 10 years of operation.
3. We offer after warranty service too.

Your health is of paramount importance to us!

The overall dimensions of the system are (W × H × D) 400 × 1333 × 400 mm

Weight: 35 kg.

1. The ADVA SPS smart system meets all European standards and requirements.
2. The CE marking of the system is a guarantee of safety.
3. Built-in locks prevent the access of unauthorized persons to the equipment and disinfectant.

1. ADVA International Ltd has implemented a quality control system ISO 9001: 2015 and guarantees high quality of all its products.
2. The body of the system is made of medical mirror steel with polymer powder anti-corrosion coating.
3. All electronics are A class.

Ø Power supply: 220 V
Ø Power consumption: 18 W
Ø Range of action of the motion sensor: 180 °
Ø Detection distance: 3 - 5 m
Ø Message recording time: 10 s
Ø Quantity of disinfectant that can be placed in the container: 5 L
Ø Disinfectant dose for one injection: 0.3 - 1.4 / you can adjust the dose yourself according to the type and quality of the disinfectant you use /
Ø Interval between injections 0.3 - 1 s.

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