ADVA Face Mask is an elegant protective face mask-shield, for multiple, daily use, providing you with comfort of breathing and talking.

ADVA Face Mask significantly reduces the likelihood of infection and increases your safety and biosecurity.

ADVA Face Mask is a safe barrier against direct infection with coronavirus by airborne droplets because the mask material is waterproof and without pores. This prevents viruses and aerosol infections from penetrating the mask.

ADVA Face Mask is easily and quickly disinfected with all types of disinfectants.
The elements of the mask are made of extruded and laminated (PET) material specially designed for everyday use.


1. ADVA Face Mask is anatomically tailored to the face.
2. The model is designed to be adapted for either adults or children. The adaptation is achieved via the elasticity of our ear connectors which by changing the length of the elastic loop will adapt according to the shape of the face of the wearer of ADVA Face Mask. Please look at the pictures on the box and attach the elastic loops to the length desired for the best possible face fit.
3. It allows daily wearing without any discomfort.
4. The lightness of the material gives you the feeling that you are without a mask.
5. Breathing is easy and also without discomfort.
6. The mask does not rest on the lips - this guarantees protection against secondary infections.
7. ADVA mask allows women to wear their lipstick and facial cosmetics without being afraid of eventual spoiling of their makeup.
8. For people with sensitive skin AFM is a perfect solution as it will not cause any skin rashes.
9. The front of the mask is removable and you can drink, smoke or eat without removing it.
10. The material of the front part does not break the viewing angle of your peripheral vision and will not distort it. It is also ideal for people with hearing disabilities as they are unobstructive for the lip readers.
11. If you do not damage or lose AFM it will be your indispensable assistant for months.

Try it! Be Visibly Protected and Beautiful with ADVA Face Mask!

The elements of the mask are made of extruded and laminated (PET) material specially designed for everyday use.

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