ADVA waive technology


ADVA waive technology

The modern science has indisputably proved why living water is considered miraculous - the higher the PH level and the better hydrated the body, the more resistant it is to all external factors and diseases.

Based on the facts that the structure of the water is very important, we created a methodology for obtaining water with unusual characteristics and implemented it into a technology that allows the water to completely nourish your body.

The patented technology developed by us for the production of living, alkaline water with electrolytes is unique by its source.

We practically try to replicate as much as possible the natural water cycle purification by recreating the same processes that the mother nature uses to naturally purify the water that emerges from the core of the earth.

By repeating the natural processes of purification created by nature, we influence the water molecules in such a way to create the perfect water.

The stages that water processing goes through, in the various modules of our equipment, are specific and consistent.

 They aim to structure the water molecule:



Wave activation of water:

 Activated and structured water - "living" and "dead", acquires completely new characteristics which are obtained by ionization and cavitation.


In its parameters ADVA is partially compatible with body fluids (blood, lymph, intercellular fluid, etc.).

According to the methodology set by us, a complex module of the installation, called a reactor, ionizes the water and changes its features and qualities by changing the macro structure of the water molecules.

This is the most innovative and high-tech part of our methodology and equipment. 

This makes ADVA and ADVA BP (bio-water protection devices) distinct and unique compared to all other waters and similar devices.

In the reactor the loss or addition of electrons that leads to a change in the angles between the atoms of the water molecules is achieved by ionization and cavitation. 

In this reactor the water becomes alkaline with the help of a process controlled by sophisticated electronics and software.

The pH, ORP and TDS of the produced alkaline water are constantly and automatically monitored.

With our unique process we achieve water alkalized to pH 9.

Important: Our alkalization to pH 9 is achieved only through electrophysical processes. Water with higher pH than pH9 is irritating the throat.

 / Note: With many water alkalizing machines, you will see pH values ranging from 9.5 to 9.8. Yes, these values of pH are possible and real, but they are due to the mineralization of the water or due to the saline solutions used by the alkalizing devices to increase the pH/.

The oxy-reduction potential becomes negative (-ORP) due to the accumulation of hydroxyl groups (OH ions, which have one free electron and a negative electric charge).


Easy passage of small water clusters through the cell wall.

Through the processes of ionization and cavitation, the molecules of the incoming water are separated from the large and irregular structures by 13 to 20 molecules and restructured into groups of 6 molecules.

Because we have achieved the correct distribution of electrical potentials in water molecules these groups are smaller in size and have the correct geometric shape.

The small clusters pass quickly and easily through the cell membranes, which leads to better hydration at a cellular level and easy capture, withdrawal and excretion of toxins from the body through sweat and urine.

Activated water ADVA is supersaturated with hydrogen molecules and hydrogen nanobubbles.

Mineral nanoparticles and electrolytes are also formed. In this way, all minerals in the water, such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, are converted into electrolytes and are more easily absorbed by cells, which leads to better mineralization at the cellular level.


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