ADVA water – the future of drinking water


ADVA water – the future of drinking water

ADVA water is not enchanted and it is a result of fundamental believes - it is simply water, perfectly purified, enriched, restructured with broken water molecules, alkaline with antioxidant features and with a positive information message, which is why we call it "alive". Modern science has clearly proven why living water is considered miraculous - the higher level of natural pH of water and the better hydrated body leads to creation of a strong immunity.

Based on the facts that the structure of the water is very important; we created a methodology for obtaining water with unusual characteristics and implemented it into a technology that allows the water to completely nourish your body.

The creation of ADVA water is based on natural physicochemical processes of restructuring that repeats mother nature.

All the modules and technologies we are using are specific and unique in the creation of ADVA water. 

They are combined in the one-of-a-kind " Wave Soliton Technology of ADVA ".

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