About Us

ADVA International Ltd is a UK registered company.

We develop and implement innovative projects, products and technologies for biosecurity of water, air and environment. Through quantum, metaphysical, electro physical, ultrasonic and bio resonance influence on water, air and the environment, we provide bio security for humans, plants and animals!

ADVA's team is fully committed to the mission of making ADVA technologies and ADVA products accessible to people around the world and changing their lives for the better.

ADVA International has offices and branches in USA, Mexico, Asia and Bulgaria.

    ADVA International works in the following research and development areas:
  • Production of biologically active structured healing water – ADVA
  • Foods and nutritional supplements for athletes
  • Functional foods and nutritional supplements for people with special needs
  • Technologies and equipment for disposal of viruses, bacteria, allergens and other pathogens by electromagnetic and bio-resonant waves
  • Photo - catalytic paints, neutralizing harmful compounds in the air
  • Soft drinks with herbal and natural essences
  • Alternative methods for treatment of bacterial infections
  • Technologies for organic farming
  • Bio protective methods and equipment for crop production, animal husbandry, milk processing industry, meat processing industry, water pools, swimming pools, spas and others
  • Methods for obtaining alternative fuels or increasing the energy efficiency of traditional fuels
  • Feed additives for animal husbandry
  • Food supplements for cancer prevention
  • Fire paints
  • Milk replacers
  • Mould inhibitors
  • Ultrasonic devices for cellulose destructuring
  • Nano technologies.
  • Probiotics
    ADVA International carries out the following activities:
  • Research and development
  • Implementation and integration of the invented methods, technologies, devices and products in people day to day life and in the relative industries
  • Production of biologically active, restructured, alkaline water - ADVA
  • Social activity through work with charitable organizations
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